The user interface has improved with new graphics and a more user friendly/ergonomic navigation.

In terms of information, IDA includes, as from now all IPI information on rights owners (Interested Parties Information), including different classes, roles, rights and agreements.

Other minor evolutions, such as letting each IDA user handle their user profile with different options, a new quick search screen are included in this release as well. Further, itís now possible to login directly from the IDA website.

During the CIS-sessions in Saint Julians, Malta, the new IDA Communication Space/ website was presented. The users find all necessary information concerning IDA - what's IDA, how to join IDA, documentation, contacts etc. The IDA Team invites any user to come up with suggestions on how to improve this website further. The IDA database contains more than 473 000 audiovisual works and is used by more than 15 socisteies.

Environment : Production - User test - Development

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